KISS ESC 2-5S 24A Race Edition

KISS ESC 2-5S 24A Race Edition

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The KISS ESC is compatible with a wide range of motors, many years of work was dedicated to making the best possible 32bit racing ESC.
The fast 32it Arm Cortex CPU runs the ESC very effectively and provides super quick ESC reaction.
This is a beefy ESC which will withstand quite a bit of abuse during FPV races, it is rated at 24A and will not need direct cooling, mounting them partially covered is fine.

No need to worry about different firmware versions, simply solder and fly (Good soldering skills are the only skills needed to use the KISS ESC, see the Soldering Guide Video).
This is one of the first ESCs with with oneshot42 support (Oneshot125 and normal PWM are supported and auto detected as well).
This is also the first ESC to offer a easy to use telemetry functions over the regular servo connector which you can use in combination with the KISS FC, no external parts needed to implement telemetry info like voltage, amps and even your RPM on your OSD (MinimOSD supported with the KISS Firmware Modification) or on your receiver LCD screen (Frsky Taranis, Telemetry).


- 32-bit ARM Cortex MCU @ 48Mhz
- Telemetry capability (current, voltage and motor speed/RPM will be covered by the ESC with compatible devices such as the KISS FC)
- Over-current protection (measures the current and limits active current to 30A)
- Fast reacting over-temperature protection (reducing the power when temperatures exceed 120° C)
- Advanced Auto Timing (3.25 to 30° at each throttle step readjusted)
- Designed for Race Multi-copter use (24A continuous without direct cooling)
- High max. Speed (450.000 RPM, 64.000 RPM at a 14POL Motor)
- Small, just 19 x 27mm
- Fine speed control providing approximately 950 throttle steps
- No external electrolytic capacitor necessary
- Fast and very linear throttle response
- Active freewheeling enabled (Low diode losses resulting in higher efficiency)
- Regenerative braking, providing rapid throttle response when decelerating (The ESC uses active freewheeling and regenerative braking, 2 independent features which relate to each other in different working states)
- Fast switching FETs
- Minimal dead times by using an adaptive dead time design
- 2-5S LiPo capable**
- DSHOT150, DSHOT300, DSHOT600 (With the latest firmware)
- Oneshot42, Oneshot125 and normal (25 - 500Hz) PWM detected automatically

This Device is ESD sensitive, take precautions, this is no "your coffee is hot warning", its physics we can't avoid, the smaller electronics become, the more ESD sensitive it is.

Dimension (L x W x H) 1.5 x 1 x 0.25 Inch
Weight< 0.05 Pound


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